This weekend is one of those Hallmark holidays we all can’t help but celebrate because, well, we all have a Mom in a way, shape or form. And now many daters are either Moms themselves or you could be dating a Mom or you could be dating the future Mother of your children. So how do you mark the day in the most respectful manner possible?

For starters, give honor to the woman from whom you were birthed whether that means making reservations for brunch, visiting a grave-site, sending flowers across the country, or saying a prayer of thanks to your egg donor and/or surrogate.

Next, if you have a child or children, honor their Mother even if you are no longer together by sending her flowers as well. She is, and will always be, the Mother of your child. If you are currently in a relationship, this will also serve to show your new significant other your level of maturity in handling things with your ex moving forward.

If you are in a relationship with someone with children, make sure to discuss with her first if it is okay to make plans with her kids in her honor. I’m sure there won’t be a problem, but it’s a matter of respect to ask her first. Then make plans with her kids to make Mother’s Day special and help her kids accomplish the day they want to give her (breakfast in bed, making a gift, etc.) then at some point, maybe after the kids are in bed, give her a little gift of your own — something small — to let her know that you think she is a great Mom. Remember, this is the kids’ day, not your day, so your task is to assist them in their ideas.

And if you’re in a serious relationship with the woman you hope will be the Mother of your future children, then why not just tell her that? Say something romantic like: “I can’t wait to celebrate you and the amazing mother I know you will be one day in the future.” Only say this line if you have already proposed or are about to propose, otherwise you will send the girl running as fast as possible in the opposite direction!

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