Albert and I were on JDate for about two months, but neither of us were having much luck on our actual dates. I decided to take matters into my own hands. It wasn’t quite my style, but I thought to myself, if he can’t find me, maybe I can find him! I then saw a photo that only showed one fourth of the complete picture of the upper left side of a man’s face: half a nose, one eye and dark brown hair. It wasn’t much, but I was intrigued and I liked what I saw. The man obviously didn’t know it uploaded incorrectly.

So, I wrote to him, “A quarter of you looks cute, what about the rest?” He immediately responded that he thought he uploaded the picture correctly and that he would email me a picture to my personal account if I would like. I accepted the offer and when I saw the full picture, it completed just how cute he actually was! That got me excited about continuing the conversation.

We went back and forth on email for about a month. We learned a lot about each other during the process, but with each email I wondered why he didn’t just cut to the chase and ask for my number? Others did… and in shorter email conversations! He seemed interested enough, writing hefty emails – and, knowing what I now know, that isn’t his style (he barely ever writes more than three words in an email)!

So, one day I receive an email from him describing what he really likes: desserts, weekend getaways, etc. I replied, “What I really like is when I’m interested in someone and they actually ask for my phone number.” The next email read, “What are you doing Sunday night?” (I learned later that he was nervous that my picture was too good to be true and that he didn’t want to be disappointed if I turned out to look differently).

Needless to say, we met up Sunday night at 7pm at a bar/restaurant in Santa Monica. We had drinks, laughed, shared and realized just how much we “clicked.” A woman sat down next to us, waiting for some friends, and actually asked us, “How long have you been married?” I later found out Albert made plans to meet his friends at 9pm for a singles event. He never made it there…

We were married in just under two years and we’re big believers in JDate. If it weren’t for JDate, I just don’t know how I would have met him. We didn’t run in the same circles. However, now that he knows my friends and I know his, it’s crazy how well we all connect. We feel very lucky. And in just two months we will be having children for the first time – twin girls!

Myrna and Albert
Los Angeles, California

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