Dear Tamar,

My family has known that my Grandma was Jewish though she became a Christian after all her family died when she was 10. She always told us about anything she could pertaining to Israel and she even visited three times, bringing back a Star of David for all her granddaughters. I’ve proudly worn the necklace since I was 5 years old. Thanks to the internet, I’ve learned that both of my mother’s parents were Jewish and so was my father’s mother’s side! I’ve decided I want to convert and be with my people. The question is, can I claim to be Jewish before I convert?

Dear New Jew,

What an interesting story! I would select the denomination of Judaism you are converting to and write in your profile that, although you are Jewish by blood, you were not raised Jewish and are in the midst of converting. Your story is going to be a hot topic so be prepared to tell it again and again and again. Some dates are going to want to hear details about the legitimacy of your Jewishness and your conversion, so don’t get offended when you’re questioned.