In one of  my last online dating blogs we discussed a few New Year’s Resolutions to help us with our online dating lives.  Some of the potential New Year’s resolutions that I suggested were to:

  • Add new photos to your photo album and update your gallery
  • Perfect your profile
  • Work on humor
  • Improve your mental and physical health

When you are looking to meet the perfect Jewish guy to take home to mom, or simply meeting women online to find a casual date, this New Year’s resolutions may help a lot.  This week I will be adding a few more things that you can throw on to your list.

Understanding the mind of the opposite sex – The male and female brain is wired completely differently. This is where many fail in relationships because they just can’t understand that the two sexes don’t think the same.  Take the time this year to understand the mind of the opposite sex and learn its intricacies.

Try new dating ideas – People that have been dating for a while are used to being taken on the same boring dates over and over.  If you have been online dating for a while, odds are you have fallen into similar habits. Keep things exciting for both you and your date!

Practice, Practice, Practice – Online dating was a skill that took me years to learn and perfect before I was able to pull off a successful date with ease any time I wanted to.  If you want to improve your dating life you simply have to work at it as much as possible and treat it just as seriously as you would anything else in life.

Add these three things to your list and continue to work on improving your love life for 2011.  Have fun!

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