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I was newly single and my mom convinced me that the best place to move forward and meet a “nice Jewish boy” would be on JDate. Michael for years was reminded by his mom that he is, “no spring chicken” and should too go on JDate to meet a “nice Jewish girl.” Michael, five years older than I, did not show up on my match list since he didn’t fit into my age and height bracket requirements. I however showed up on his wish list and with a couple communications via email we set up our first date! I could already tell by the way Michael communicated that he was extra sweet and special. Sparks flew immediately just with our emails and phone chats!

Our first date was planned for a drink at a popular happy hour spot. One drink turned into us having a romantic dinner. I knew we had a connection when we were the last customers in the restaurant and the staff was cleaning and we both were still looking into each other’s eyes. Michael is very calm and humble. I am full of energy and passion. We were truly each other’s yin and yang. Together, we created balance and spent the next two-and-a-half years enjoying the outdoors and doing everything and anything together. Michael and I didn’t fall in love, as falling is never good. We grew to love each other for our differences and similarities. Our relationship was the easiest and most natural thing we both ever experienced.

In addition to our magical connection, our parents genuinely ADORED one another. My whole life I have heard horror stories about conflict between the “in-laws.” We introduced our parents over Thanksgiving in November 2006 and they too were a match made in heaven. It was as if the relationship between our parents was also destined as their relationship blossomed just as ours did. Thanksgiving became a tradition for us and we cherished visits to Michael’s hometown to Mercer Island and when his parents would come up and visit us in the Bay Area. We were so blessed to find each another and the fact that our parents adored one another made all of our relationships stronger. They were just an extension now of our JDate success!

In May of 2008, on an ordinary morning, we crawled out of bed and put on sweats to get some exercise on the famous Lyon Street Steps of San Francisco. In the middle of our walk, Michael asked me to slow down and stop so he could catch his breath. Being a little feisty, I ignored his request because I wanted to keep my heart rate up. Determined, Michael asked if he could have a hug. How could I resist? As we embraced, Michael started to talk about love, and he was on his knee with a ring in his hand and that monumental question on his lips. In complete shock, I cried and joined him on the ground.  At a landmark in the city by the bay, we filled our hearts in San Francisco, and our gorgeous wedding sprinkled with personal and traditional touches followed 14 months later at The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco on September 6, 2009.

We will forever be grateful that our mothers put the fire under us to join JDate. JDate brought the two of us together (and our families) and now we both truly know what it means to be happily ever after!

Thank you JDate, we are eternally grateful for your matchmaking!

Nicole and Michael
San Francisco, California

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  1. Guys, your story is really beautiful!
    I hope that you know how lucky you are, and
    it gives me hope that I too can find someone special
    out there in the world if i just keep on looking.

    Wish you all the best,DrMcLovin.

    ps. how was the first night together as man and wife? (just asking out of curiosity)

  2. aww thats so heart-touching story and you two are so perfect for each other, keep it up with happiness, enjoy the marriage and everything make you both happy!!! Yours truly,,,

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