Almost three years ago, Nikki saw Haran’s profile on JDate. She sent him a JDate message only to receive a response saying he had just started a relationship. A year ago, shortly after that relationship ended, Haran rejoined JDate. When Nikki caught him checking out her profile, she immediately IM’d him.

IM’ing led to a series of very long phone calls. Within a week they had set up their first date. When Haran found out Nikki would be in Ann Arbor the day before their date, he couldn’t wait. They met for coffee a day early and spent the entire next day together. They immediately knew they had a special connection.

A few weeks later, on another date, they ran into Nikki’s parents, sister, and niece and nephew in a restaurant and joined them for dinner. Even Nikki’s 8-year-old nephew could sense the connection, asking such questions at dinner like, “Can I call Haran ‘Uncle H’?”; “When will you be getting married?”; and, “Where are you going on your ‘mooning’ trip?”

This past summer, Nikki accompanied Haran and his three children (one in high school, two in college) to visit his parents in Vermont. Once there, she felt like she had always been a member of the family.

In October, the day before Nikki was to move in with him, Haran brought her down to a beautiful willow tree on the bank of a creek by his house and asked Nikki to marry him. She did not hesitate and immediately said, “Yes!”

With their wedding scheduled for Sunday, February 3, 2013, Nikki and Haran are planning a reception to honor football’s biggest game! Neither of them are huge football fans, but they want their wedding to be different and memorable. No matter which teams play in the big game, the winning team will be Nikki and Haran.

Thank you JDate!

Nikki and Haran
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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