JDaters®, do you find yourself without a date most weekends? Are you lonely even though you’re on a dating site full of potential religion-compatible partners? How is this possible? Are you unaware of the ninja JDating® secrets that will ensure you date constantly, partaking from a steady stream of attractive and interesting individuals that are both Jewish and intriguing? Apparently not. Well, look no further than this article for seven ways (one for every day of the week, no resting on Shabbat either) to maximize your JDating experience and ensure that you have someone to bring to your parents’ house for Thanksgiving this year. After all, it’s getting tiresome to just sit there and hate your cousin for cuddling with their new flame during dessert.

  1. Cast a Wide Net

Why are you only searching for dates between 24 and 32? What happens at 33? What happens at 23, for that matter? Go for the gold and search for anyone who is legal up through someone who is just a tad younger than your parents (older would be weird). You never know where Cupid’s arrow will strike, after all.

  1. Work Quickly

Why are you taking 20 minutes to decide if you should message a potential match? What do you have to lose by just basing your decision on their photo and a quick scan of the first paragraph? You’ll end up emailing with them more if they respond, after all, and that’s when you can get a sense of their personality. Use your gut instinct rather than meticulously combing through every section of their profile. This way, you’ll end up contacting a lot more people… all of whom may be The One.

  1. No More Endless Emails

If someone doesn’t want to meet up after three emails back and forth, get to stepping. This isn’t a pen pal service. If you waste all your time emailing with someone that you may not even be attracted to in person, you have less time to email people who may make your heart go pitter pat.

  1. Ask Friends for Help

If you tend to be super picky (here’s a hint: do your friends often proclaim, “You’re super picky”?), take a leap of faith and let your best friend, sister or (gasp) even your mom take the reins of your JDate account for a day and see what happens. If you end up marrying someone that they contacted on your behalf, imagine what a cute story you’ll have for your wedding website? (Moms of JDaters, feel free to mail me cookies to thank me for this suggestion.)

  1. Fix Your Profile

Come on, that really isn’t your most flattering photo, and you know you didn’t put that much effort into your introduction. You’re trying to put your best foot forward here, so check out our handy tips here.

  1. Do Not Fear Rejection

If a few people, or a few hundred people, don’t respond to your messages, don’t lose heart. It only takes one message back to find the right Jew for you. So just keep on keepin’ on. (But, if it really is a few hundred people, see #5.)

  1. Be Spontaneous

If you have nothing to do on any given night, why not message someone new and see if they would like to meet up? Sure it takes some chutzpah, but what worthwhile doesn’t? And again, think of the great wedding website story. (Yes, everything in your relationship should focus on your potential wedding website. This is totally normal!)

Well, those are my 7 ninja tips on how to supersize your JDate experience. If you don’t end up with some more dates after following all those tips, I will personally offer you a free profile consultation.  Also, I will personally explain to your mom that you’re actively trying to find a life partner and entreat her to get off your case!

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  1. Hi. It looks like this article was written for women only. Curious if there was a reason you did that. Also, do you have any tips specific to us men? I’d like to meet more women and go on actual dates. Thank you for reading this.

  2. Bill, I would say most of those tips would work just as well for men. It would certainly help if you put a photo of yourself up. Most women won’t respond to men without photos because they guess (rightly in most cases) that those men are married.

  3. Hmmm, I see my photo isn’t showing either. I take back that criticism. Don’t know why they don’t post photos here of jdaters who HAVE photos up. That’s pretty weird Dr. Rodman.

  4. some people are serial daters here. Whatever you do you will never able to go further more. The guys are terrible in NYC. Jewish guys well known good men, but not in NYC. They are just trying to use this site as a mating site not a dating site. Me and my other 9 friends are in Jdate so far total number is 37. Same teqniues, same words. It is sad and discourages.

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