How do you feel about plastic surgery? If it’s done well, no one should ever know you had anything done. But when it’s obvious, will it turn you off from dating that person? It’s an age old joke that Jews get a nose job (rhinoplasty, deviated septum, whatever you want to call it) for their 16th birthday instead of a party… a quick glance at old family photos and you can confirm if the shnauz was shaved. More men are having plastic surgery than ever before, but it’s still not the norm and is not immediately accepted. Johnny Drama pined for calf implants on “Entourage” but what if a guy had changed his face? Would that weird you out? Would you want to date a guy who had work done? Women’s elective surgeries tend to be a little more obvious — breast augmentation, butt lift, tummy tuck, lip implant — and those are also tweaks that are considered “sexy” (if done right) but not everyone likes fake, false, plastic and silicone. Some people want a woman the way G-D made her. Have your preference, but don’t judge a book by its cover. The person had their reasons for getting the nip/tuck and that shouldn’t define them.

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