Recently I spent a week at Fitness  Ridge aka Biggest Loser Ranch.  Mind you I am size two, but I have been on a total detox fitness phase for the last two months.  It was a great experience though very regimented on a 1200 restricted caloric diet. Though somehow the food tasted very good, we often prayed as we were drilled to run faster, harder, stronger in treading classes.  And there was much love between the new friends with different life experiences that were brought together who I otherwise may never have  met.  Somewhat like the Breakfast Club, there was the nice, bright, non-working 40-year-old millionaire, a 35-year-old trying to overcome various addictions (including food) that he used to replace the struggles in his marriage and life, many lawyer-types including myself, and a host. It was a group of unique, quality folks who were brought together with a different story, zero judgment, and only support. Much Love.