There are some guys you discover, date, and even if the technical tryst doesn’t work out, you remain friends. Then there are those male mistakes that repeatedly seep into your life, long after the relationship has met its expiration date. Perpetrators in the form of walking testosterone that are simply in need of your company because of what they still want and never got. While the fan fare is flattering, you’d sooner get a social restraining order than be in their custody. Recently, I was cyber stalked by a blast from the past and the entire ordeal seemed not only unnecessary – but entirely too random. The relationship resurrected was simply an ill-fated and unattainable quest, and being that the boy is in possession of a new girl, it seems the effort to revive our estranged dynamic was completely conniving. Simply a quest to achieve the conquest he was never able to get in the first place. So since pleasantries clearly aren’t working, and you can’t dance around the kick-you-to-the-curb topic for too long, I upped the ante and explained that the unsolicited attention was less than favored. And though sometimes the repeated dismissal of all efforts to communicate is simply a masked manner of playing hard to get, sometimes no simply means no. It’s not me, it’s you.