Dear Gems from Jen,
I am interesting, cool, smart, warm, honest, creative, fun, and a well-traveled artist, who is 53 years young.  I am truly one of a kind and I look good. I am not thin, but not fat, an American Israeli and at the moment in Israel. In my profile, I let men know that I will be back in the USA in about 2-3 months. Men don’t look interesting, it’s unreal. Many Success Stories start from overseas, but it seems that American men want to find love next door. Isn’t it stupid? Even when I write to them I try to explain and say, “Think outside the box.” Still nothing, nada!

Dear No New Mail,
I’m not so sure this is just an American man issue.  My sense is this is a universal issue.  Long-distance relationships are hard work, no matter how great a catch you might be.  My best suggestion here is to have some patience.  It sounds like you possess some fantastic qualities and there are plenty of men out there willing to get to know you.  However, right now you are not geographically desirable to the men you are trying to communicate with.  I do understand you want to meet someone, but do yourself a favor and wait until you get back to the states. I think a lot of men are unwilling to begin something with someone who is not available to meet for a few months. Once you arrive back in the states re-visit some of the interesting profiles here on JDate and write the men you are interested in getting to know better. Good luck in your search!
Gems from Jen