I was sitting here trying to think of a relevant, thrilling topic to discuss.  Right before I started, a commercial for a different online dating site came on TV on the Lifetime network.  Yeah, I was watching Lifetime.  Not because I’m secure about my masculinity, because I’m not.  I was watching Lifetime because they are now syndicating How I Met Your Mother.  The fact that a television show based on five people, three of whom are men, which often takes places in bars, strip clubs, and bachelor pads, is on the first television network dedicated completely to women, is temporarily irrelevant.  Also, their made-for-TV movies are great when I need an abusive-husband-voyeurism fix.  Also, Will & Grace has to live on somewhere.  So I was watching Lifetime and now you know that.

The online dating site commercial boasted that it has been the source of like a million marriages.  That sounds tempting if you are single.  But then I thought about it.  How can any website trace every one of its marriages back to itself?  Think about this.  If you are lucky enough to find a mate using an online dating site, are you going to advertise to the world that you found each other online?  Of course, I love telling people that I blog for JDate, and if I found a wife using this site, I would tell everybody because it is a respected and respectable site.  Nothing against the other website, but I truly doubt that they can, for sure, say that they are the impetus for over a million marriages.  And if they can, then the general American public has no dignity.