Dear Gems from Jen,

I was talking to this guy who said that he would be in contact with me about meeting for our first date. I called him a few days ago and I haven’t heard from him since. Should I wait to hear from him? Or should I remind him about our date?

He gave me his number first to call him and I did, but it seems if I don’t call/text him I don’t hear from him. I did mention to him that if he doesn’t show himself to me, I am not sure about him. He told me he was interested to meet, but I feel he is not interested. Not sure what to think?

Dear Not Moving In His Tracks,

I understand how difficult waiting can be; especially when we believe what we are told is the truth. It can be a very frustrating experience. He told you he would be in contact and he has yet to get in contact with you. You left him a message and he has yet to return the call. You explained that he needed to show himself to you. How long are you willing to wait for a phone call that may never come? I do believe it really isn’t about whether he is interested or not, it is about follow through and trust. Look at it this way; if he said he would be in touch and he wasn’t, what is it you are waiting for? Do you want to get involved with someone who cannot stand by his word, appears a bit wishy-washy, and does not return phone calls? Do you want to be in a potential relationship where you would have to remind your partner to call you? I know I sure wouldn’t! There are tons of men out there who will follow through and stand by their word. Keep up your search on JDate and focus on the guys who do what they say. Remember, actions speak louder than words.


Gems from Jen