There’s that feeling. You know the one. The one where you meet a great guy, you start to like him, and then he tells you he’s moving to South Africa for several months. Oh you don’t? That’s because this type of phenomenon, known as The Great Disappearing Act, often flies under the radar, although it has been happening more and more often. . Apparently, guys are now so afraid of commitment (and to be fair, who the hell said it was going anywhere in the first place?) they are crossing oceans to avoid “the talk.” In addition to cross-country escapes, guys have also found the following excuses (according to my incredibly reliable sources) successful to parlay the one-on-one party into a more menage-a-trois friendly circumstance: serious illness, deportation, thinking with the wrong head, and a form of claustrophobia so rare, it only affects its victims when they’re forced into monogamy. Scientists are currently looking for a suitable vaccine for said situation, but are strangely preoccupied with the swine flu. Someone should seriously tell them to get their priorities straight.