We met on JDate in the Summer of 2005 as I was re-subscribing to the site and, consequently, Genna was about to quit his JDate membership.  After reading a few various profiles, thought Genna and I had a lot in common. But what attracted me the most was that Genna’s profile seemed to display his great sense of humor, which I found hilarious. So I sent Genna a message telling him to check out my profile. That’s how our communication started. 

During this time, he and I were residing in different states three hours away from each other, but were both in the Midwestern area of the country.  Months went by as we visited each other a few times, traveled together and met each other’s families. A few months later we decided that a long distance relationship would be very difficult to maintain, and so I moved in with Genna in Indianapolis.

In March of 2006, during one of our trips together to explore San Francisco, Genna took me to a very romantic setting overlooking the ocean. It is here that he asked me to marry him and I, of course, say “Yes!” 

Genna and I got married in September of 2007 in a traditional Jewish ceremony in Indianapolis, Indiana; our new home.

It was a combination of patience, mutual respect and honesty that helped us to find each other. I would recommend to any and all JDaters just to be honest with yourself when you are posting your profile; do not exaggerate anything about yourself just so another person will find you attractive. The real beauty comes out with who you really are.

Be realistic; when you say you would relocate be sure you mean that you’d be willing to move to another area/state. And always treat someone the way you want to be treated. This is a must!

We are a real example of JDate bringing two people together. The best of luck to all of you out there!

Olga and Gennady
Indianapolis, Indiana

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