In today’s blog, “Online dating advice I hate,” I would like to discuss those that provide advice which encourages online daters to act the same way with every person they attempt to date.

How many articles have you read where some expert says to just do this, this, and this, and you will be guaranteed to succeed!

The truth is, not all of us are born in the same mold and we are far from carbon copies of each other.  The many principles of what needs to be done hold true.  Learning how to properly build attraction, push past competition, generate interest, etc.

However, within these broad principles there are certain intricacies that must be adapted to whomever you are trying to pick up.  For example, teasing a woman about her looks if she is not the greatest looking women will come off as rude and offensive, and possibly hurtful.   However, teasing a beautiful women about her looks may generate attraction, create a chase, and generate more interest.   Each woman is unique and your comments must be adapted to their specific characteristics as well as their innate personality traits.

Remember, if there is one thing that you don’t want to do when it comes to online dating, its spam generic conversations to every girl out there.

So don’t listen to all of these so called experts that inform you to behave and act in universal ways with every girl.  Learn the philosophies that work than tailor your game more specifically in order to be highly effective.

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  1. Joshua,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about one size fits all experts. While basic principles can be universal, like you said, a person should tailor their actions and words to the specific person they are dating.

    As a dating coach, my point of view is that we are all human and need to have compassion for each other. A person comes with triggers and baggage along with all of their wonderful character traits. Jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, judging; these are all things we do on dates that can be detrimental to our dating success.

    Thanks for sharing your dating wisdom.


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