As I mentioned in the blog entry, I am going to be varying up my entries a bit more and taking a slight break from my discussion of attraction building techniques.  Do not worry because they will be back in the future.

Today I want to get into a new topic I will be writing about on a fairly consistent basis and that is online dating advice that makes me rage.   In these blog entries I will be referring to online dating advice that I see all over the internet, hear on the radio, or watch on television that requires some top notch anger management coping skills.

Today’s Online Dating Advice that Makes me Rage:  Being Realistic

This is something I hate to hear more than anything.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen so-called professionals tell men that they have to be realistic about what they can achieve through online dating.  These alleged professionals are making these statements with the implication that not all men are good looking enough to get women of high beauty, or that not all men can learn the skills to becoming completely successful with any woman at online dating.

This is all completely false, completely irresponsible advice and only shows a complete lack of understanding when it comes to knowing about the female mind.  Anyone who has read my online dating guide knows that, in order to be truly successful, one must learn the female mind because it gives you access to winning any women over no matter what you look like.

So my advice to all you “professionals” out there:  Learn how to be successful with women before you tell others what they can’t do.

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  1. I agree totally. As a fairly good looking guy I have no success in the outside world because of my shy attitude with women. But as soon as I come online it dissipates and I’m able to speak my heart out and they really like that.

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