Your bridesmaids and female guests may come to your wedding dressed to the nines, but what about chilly outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hours? It’s likely that your lady friends may not bring a coat or wrap that also matches their dresses, so help a sista out. You can provide practical, color-coordinating, and good-looking pashminas (or knock offs!) for those bare-shouldered babes.

You can stack them in baskets in the ceremony area. Create a cute sign that says something like “Wrap Yourself Up In Love” and display them so your gal guests see them. You can get pretty prints that complement your wedding colors or get one or two solid colors that match your theme. Typically, darker wraps seem more formal, but most colors will look great at beach and garden weddings.

Including pashminas in your bridesmaids’ gift bags is thoughtful and helpful for the wedding day. They may decide to wear them under the chuppah to stay warm, and we think that’s perfectly acceptable. Having this extra accessory offers your photographer different ideas for group photos, too. Wearing a few different looks makes the photos more exciting and provides you more options when it comes to selecting shots for your album. So, consider wearing them for photos… and then not wearing them for photos! It’s fun to switch it up.

Don’t forget to pamper yourself, too! Just because you’re the bride doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Whether you’re mingling outside during cocktail hour or you escape with your new hubster for a yichud (time alone after the ceremony), you might be chilly. Grab a pashmina and enjoy the warmth. You can match the pashmina to your dress or wear a wedding color to stand out. Either way, you can’t go wrong because the bride is the best looking lady on the wedding day!

Now, where to get the pashminas? You can easily find them online for purchase with a quick, simple web search. But, if you can get to a China Town in a metropolis near you, you’ll find a plethora of stores that offer pashminas in all kinds of colors, prints, and textures for super low prices. We’ve heard of Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and D.C. area brides having luck at stores in those cities’ China Towns. Flea markets and swap meets usually have pashmina vendors also, so it definitely pays to look around.

With a little research and a coordinating plan, you can add a splash of color and stylish comfort to your guests’ wedding day experience. Don’t pass up your opportunity to include pashminas in your wedding day!

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