How does the past mark the future of how we behave now while dating? For me I know it has had an important impact.  I’ve compared and contrasted while in the process of getting to know someone. How can you or I change this?  We all do it, and unless we can begin something new with a clean slate we will never attain what we are searching for.

Firstly, it is time to let go. Learn from the past relationships. Decide what was good and what was not so good.  Take those lessons with you, but put those people away and close the door.

Secondly, be prepared for the new people to remind you of that last person and/or relationship. Don’t be surprised. We tend to repeat patterns and if they are positive healthy patterns let the process work. If the new person is pushing the same buttons and triggering negative emotions move on and move forward.

Thirdly, remember dating is practice. It teaches us what we want and don’t want. Nothing is ever perfect and if we hold onto the past the future will never come. Remember, stop and pay attention. Let go and enjoy yourself.