Dear GemsfromJen,

I went out on a first date with someone who I met from JDate and we really had an awesome time, talking, kissing and hugging and it was really a very beautiful night. I asked her before she left, if she would like to go out the following weekend and she said ‘yes’ and said ‘I hope you think of me.’ Well, I have been thinking of her, let my guard down and am really intrigued by her. I called her two days later and also sent her a text just telling her I had a super time and she is a beautiful woman and that I’m looking forward to hearing back from her. How much time should I expect for her to call me and if she doesn’t, should I call her or just forget it and mark it up to a game?

Dear Confused,

This sounds like an amazing first date, Mazel tov! It seems to me that she is just as interested in a second date with you, as you are with her. Part of what happens when we meet someone we really like that our patience tends to run thin. Many people, just like yourself, become hyper-sensitive to the actions, behaviors, and words of the new and exciting person.  This is a common reaction and one that sounds as if it is being driven by your feelings rather than your mind.

Remember, patience is a virtue. I wish I could tell you when she is going to call, but unfortunately, I can’t.  My sense is she will call you back based on what you have told me thus far.  If she does not call you back within a few days, feel free to call her again. In this day and age many things can go wrong with voice mails, emails, text messages, etc. I’m not sure why you would even be considering chalking this up to a game. Stop yourself from putting a negative spin on this situation. Once you begin to do this it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You might react to her with anger because you have made a situation up in your mind, which in reality was never there. Stay positive and remind yourself of the great connection the two of you obviously shared!

 Gems from Jen