Patricia and Harry

Dear JDate,

After kissing many JDate Canadian frogs, I decided to search south of the border…and there was “beach bum.” He looked adorable in the pictures. I knew, of course, that it was entirely possible that he posted the “best-angle, best-lighting, at-his-thinnest” picture.

“Beach Bum” was online, so I IM’d him. We chatted. Then, we talked on the phone. Then, we did the webcam thing. I thought to myself ‘He’s way too cute to be single. He must be a player.’

We talked for many hours on the phone. We did not have coffee – ever. Why? Because Harry lives in Los Angeles and I live in Toronto.

So, I flew out one weekend. Walking down the arrivals hallway at LAX I thought to myself, ‘What if he’s horrible, fat, not even Jewish, etc.?’ I had nothing to worry about, because there he was – adorable and perfect. success-patricia-harry

The next day, after a wonderful night, Harry said, ‘Call your mother.’ I said ‘What? Why? On the cell phone? She lives in South Africa!’ He said ‘Call your mother…because I am going to marry you.’

Three years later, on my fortieth birthday in Mexico, Harry asked me to marry him. On August 17th of 2008, we got married.

Harry still lives in Los Angeles and I still live in Toronto, but we have the most amazing, loving, honest and passionate marriage and friendship. We both feel so blessed and lucky to have found each other.

We have both had difficult journeys, but to have ended up with each other has made the whole thing worth every step.

Have a look at our wedding pic and know that eventually, you will find your beshert….and it could very well be on JDate.

Thanks JDate!

Patricia & Harry
Ontario, Canada and Los Angeles, CA

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  1. They are the most beautiful couple and I am so happy to have Patricia as my sister-in-law…Harry is the best bro too! Thank you JDate.

  2. Mazel Tov Patricia and Harry,
    That is the beauty and possibilites in 21st Century social networking .
    You have proven that, with your jdate success story..

    Jdate made it possible to expand your options in order to find your Beshert..
    Congratulations on your courage to go beyond your comfort zone to find each other across the miles.
    May you be blessed with many Happy Years together !!
    Miriam, Toronto , Canada

  3. Sounds an incredible story, but how on earth does the marriage work if you are both living in different places?

  4. are you eventually planning one of you to move and live together in the same place?

  5. Hi!!
    In response to Nadine and Michele…

    Neither of us are planning to move to either country right now.
    We both knew that going into this. Harry has children and extended family in LA and I have children in Toronto. Our kids are our first priority. It is tough sometimes. We miss each other always.

    We travel back and forth quite a bit and we cherish the time that we have together. We dont take each other for granted when we are together. We talk an enormous amount on the phone. We probably talk more than most married couples and I think that this is key.
    We cannot rely on a touch to express feelings, so we have to use words.

    We have the most incredible friendship. I think that so much of what we do for each other, emotionaly, comes from the journeys that we have both had. We have had such similar experiences that alot is simply already understood.

    One day, when our youngest children have grown, and we feel they do not need us as much, we will move somewhere that we both dream of. For now, I feel blessed and so fortunate to have found a man that loves me exactly the way that I am. And that is how I know he feels. And that is why we can be married…happily… and live in different countries.

    L’Shanah Tova.

  6. Congratulations, Harry was my FIRST Jdate date back in 2004, always knew someone very special would end up with Harry.

    Mazaltoff (sp) haha

  7. THANK YOU, Patricia, for validating my feeling that it’s more important to look for the right person than just the nearby one, and that I’m not out of my gourd for contacting men who are far away. You have given me renewed hope. 🙂

    Best wishes to both of you,


  8. Hi Jenn

    Thanks for your comment.
    Not only should you look in other places, but you also should not settle for anything less that what you really want.

    Home is where you want it to be.

  9. This is my favorite success story.I totally relate to “searching outside your zip code” The chance of me meeting the unusual man that I seek close to home is highly unlikely. Your scenario although I am sure frustrating at times is what I see for myself. I have discovered
    a man that makes my heart pound,he is in another state. We have yet to meet,but I am working on it!

  10. Thinking “outside of the box” is tough and many of us settle for less then ideal relationships. Your story gives me renewed hope that fairytales can come true and we should not always do what is easiest, but rather do what our hearts and souls are calling out for.
    Congratualtions and best wishes to both of you!

  11. Ladies

    Its all worth it in the end..the distance, the waiting, everything.
    Home is where you are loved and cherished for exactly who you are, and if that means you have to change countries, so be it.

    I have found that life is not about how well you deal with the easy stuff, its how well you deal with the tought stuff. I make no compromise in having a husband that lives in another country. He is worth it all.

    I wish that every girl could find a man like Harry.
    Keep your hearts and your minds open.

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