Dear JDate,

cont-mt-paula-bobBob and I lived in different cities. They were 90 miles apart, but I had exhausted my search in my local town. I was a divorcee, and he was a widower. I expanded my search and there he was. As it turned out, Bob was new to the site and I had my search sorted to show new members first — great idea!

We emailed, then talked on the phone and then met at a nice halfway point. I knew the moment I saw him that there was great potential. I told my close friends that this was the best first date I had ever had. And since I was in my 50s, this was really saying something!

We dated for six weeks and then the unimaginable happened. Bob ended it, feeling that the distance would make it difficult to have a real relationship. I was so very sad but went on with my life, never forgetting about him.

We exchanged occasional emails for the next six months while we dated other people. He finally decided to ask for another try, and I reluctantly agreed. That was in May of 2004, and in July of 2005, he proposed. He knew I could easily relocate since my company had a branch office in his city, so I did.

We got married in May of 2006 and are very happy. Often, we will make a toast to JDate. We tell our story to friends and realize we never would have met without JDate. So, thank you again and again!

Tip for other JDaters: You are never too old to find the love of your life.

Paula & Bob
Pittsford, New York

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