Dear JDate,

cont-mt-paula-jeffI’m writing this on behalf of my son Jeff and his fiancée Paula who found true love on JDate. Jeff had just come home from college after being away for two years and was in the process of losing the tremendous amount of weight he put on while in school. He had just lost almost 100 pounds and was beginning to feel like a whole new person. He had gained a great amount of personal self confidence and I was so proud of him! When it came to girls, Jeff always wound up being their best friend, but I always told him that someday he’d find someone that would love him for the wonderful person he is. You know how moms are! I mentioned in passing that he should put up a profile on JDate and he just couldn’t be bothered with it (basically telling me that he didn’t need a dating service).

Unbeknownst to me, Jeff had in fact put up a profile on JDate and had met Paula a few times. It turned out that they went to the same college and she loved the Dodgers, which made her first rate in his book. Unfortunately I guess she thought he was annoying and in turn, he decided that he didn’t really like her that much. But luckily they continued to see each other and little by little they started sharing more of each other’s lives until they realized that feelings had begun to develop.

Christmas morning 2008, Jeff wrapped an engagement ring in a big box and put it under my sister’s Christmas tree. We live next door to her and always go over there on Christmas morning. This was Paula’s first Christmas experience (she’s Jewish of course) and when she unwrapped the gift she realized that it was just an empty box. We were all sitting around in our PJs watching and crying as Jeff got down on his knee and asked Paula to marry him. Did I mention that we’re Jewish too? Let’s just say this made for a rather funny situation. It was so adorable to watch! The two of them just couldn’t stop smiling and hugging.

On May 30, 2010, Paula and Jeff will exchange marriage vows before all of their family and friends. JDate did a good thing. It brought two wonderful kids together!

P.S. They’re now on a mission to find me a match!!!

Sent on behalf of
Paula & Jeff
Los Angeles, California

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  1. sounds crazy, but i think i had a teaching class with paula. her face looks very familar and i am pretty sure the girl i am thinking of is named paula. we took a class together and somehow everyone in the corner happened to be jewish which is really odd! i was pretty shy, but if this is the same paula, i thought you were hilarious. good luck to you even if it’s the wrong paula hah.

    eva- if she is the paula i am thinking of, i think she would be like 23.

  2. we are 23… and yes I am a teacher… what class would it be and at what school??

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