Recently, my girls and I have met a plethora of really really fun guys!  Guys I would choose to hang out with, dance the night away with, run through Thailand with and do fun, daring and exciting stuff with.  But to marry and raise a family with any one of these guys is another question.  It is a different set of criteria.  I guess it is the Peter Pan vibe and concerns associated with the world of Neverland.  Real world challenges, responsibilities, crises, extended commitment during the boring monotonous moments…I’m not sure how these “fun partners” would fare.  What is ironic I have found, is that it’s usually the Peter Pan types that express their desire to settle down and be in a committed relationship with family, kids and a picket fence but in actuality, I’m not sure I buy it.  I wonder if society imposes the norm of settling down on these otherwise would be lifelong bachelors.  Let me clarify, I’m not judging anyone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting children or marriage or being less traditional and not wanting to embrace society’s traditional norms, as long as you are fulfilled as a person.  It is sad for those Peter Pans who don’t want to grow up and prefer Neverland, but feel they must do so, to appease their family and society.