Scenario: Another night is about to begin. You hang up the phone, inform your date you’re on your way, pump those last two sprays of your favorite cologne on, and head out for a great potential date, full of hope and promise.

As you pull up to your date with a smile on your face, the smile slowly turns upside down and a sinking feeling in your stomach forms.


Anyone who has been online dating for long enough knows the feeling of meeting someone online that turns out to look nothing like their pictures.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of liars and deceivers out there. And while we can never completely avoid these people, there are definitely certain measures we can take to limit our exposure to these situations.

The following online dating tips are three red flags to look out for before meeting your date:

1. Every picture looks completely different. If you can’t figure out who the “real” person you are talking to is, avoid the date.

2. The pictures are taken at strange angles. Most of the time, strange angles mean the person is hiding something. There is nothing wrong with being heavy, but there IS something wrong with being deceptive about it.

3. There is only one profile picture. One picture means this person probably has something to hide or can’t find more than one decent picture of him or herself.

Look for these signs because they are often profile picture red flags!