Here’s an easy tip – don’t pop any pills while on a date. It doesn’t matter whether it’s vitamins, tylenol, or lactaid. It doesn’t matter if it’s tums, codeine or benadryl. Don’t pop pills. If you have a prescription or an allergy then go to the bathroom and swallow your pills in private. Taking medication at the dinner table during a date will give off the impression that you are high maintenance or are in poor health. Dairy allergy, indigestion, a headache, all it conveys is that you’re not perfect. Of course you’re not perfect… no one is… but when you’re on a first date (or in the midst of a brand new relationship) you want to put off the impression that you are. Men especially want to think of women as being healthy for child-bearing – they will never say this or admit it and they probably don’t even realize it, but it’s true. And you don’t want anyone to think that a nondescript pill could be an illicit drug.

Try to remember to take your birth control pill, daily vitamin, lactaid or other medication before a date and if you’re spending the night then excuse yourself to the restroom where you can take care of such necessities in private.

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