Making your foray into the world of online dating is an exciting process that can seem tough to navigate at first, but gets easier with time. While JDate is an ideal destination for Jewish singles to find other Jewish singles, it’s also a place (just like any other) where we need to be mindful of personal safety.

Does that mean you have to be scared or feel negative about anyone you meet online? Absolutely not! It just means you need to use the same standard dating precautions (stay aware, use common sense) as you would when you meet someone in person. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you continue on your journey towards meeting your Beshert!

  • Personal Info is Personal

Don’t give out any personal contact information until your instincts tell you that the person you met online is someone you can trust. Since it’s difficult to get a sense of whether or not you can trust someone from just a few emails, take your time get to know your matches via Flirts, emails and Instant Messaging. Never include your personal contact information in your profile, especially your phone number, home address or your last name!

  • Set Your Own Pace

Taking your new relationship offline is an exhilarating decision, but it’s also a decision that should be made on your own timeline. There’s no need to take anything further than the computer (or your smartphone) until you feel completely at ease with the person you’re connecting with online. If someone pressures you otherwise, they’re not for you.

  • See the Whole Picture

And by whole picture, I mean the whole profile picture! Be sure to see a photo of the person you are preparing to meet before you line up a date. You should also talk on the phone at least once. Not only are you staying safe by taking these precautions, but you’re also ensuring you’re not wasting your time!

  • Keep Your Money in Your Wallet

Never send money to someone you meet online. If someone asks you to go to their personal website or asks you for money, use your common sense! Don’t oblige and then report the situation to the customer service team at JDate.

  • Seize the Day

When you’re planning a date with someone new, plan to meet during the day in an open, public place and walk or drive yourself. This way you have an easy way out if you feel uncomfortable. Also, give your friend’s the head’s up about your plans. Tell them who you’re meeting, where you’re going and when you’ll be home. Better safe than sorry!

  • Questions Are Your Best Friends

The beginning of any new friendship, romance, or more, is the best time to ask questions. In fact, it’s normal to ask questions, so ask away until you’re blue in the face. Why do we suggest this? Because not only will it help you to get to know someone better, but it will also allow you to spot inconsistencies. Now’s the time to be a skeptic.

  • Other JDaters® Are Your Best Friends

Not only should you be asking lots of questions of your potential matches, but ask other JDaters questions about the site and dating as well! In life, we never stop learning and that is true of online dating as well! Pop into a chat room on JDate and ask other JDaters about their online dating experience, their best advice, or just swap humorous dating stories. We’ve actually heard of several people who not only found love on JDate, but friendship as well!

  • Enjoy yourself

You’re on the path to meeting someone new, and while it may seem frustrating at times, this process should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. If you’re suffering from dating burnout, you can always hit me up here for some words of encouragement. In the meantime, just remember to trust your instincts and then have fun with the right people!

Rachel is JDate’s Community Manager. She’s here to break down the rules of dating, share first date tips and offer words of encouragement when dating gets tough. Hit up her Tumblr page for more insightful advice. Or, learn what makes Rachel tick by visiting her JDate profile!
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