A common joke when it’s freezing outside is that there’s going to be a baby boom nine months later. But the other boom that occurs in frigid temperatures is with online dating — both with an increase of members logging on and new members creating accounts.

Think about it, the boom in online dating makes sense: If you can’t leave the house and are relegated to socialize with the people within your home (if any), you will soon start socializing via your phone, and then eventually via the computer. Sooner or later, you will happen upon online dating.

Preexisting members will find themselves playing around with their search preferences, expanding and narrowing different categories, and getting excited to see new faces pop up. Newbies will sign up and spend time crafting their profile and being astounded at the prospects at their fingertips, and then kicking themselves for waiting so long to sign up. So why wait for the next wicked weather event?

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