Dear Tamar,

I went on a great first date with this guy, but on our second date we started talking about politics. That’s when I found out he plans on voting for Donald Trump for president. Aside from this little nugget, I really like the guy, but it might be a deal-breaker nonetheless. Is it wrong to dump a guy because of his political opinions?

—Potential Trump-Dumper


Dear Potential Trump-Dumper,

Yes and no. It’s not so bad to disagree on topics … but those topics need to be ones you don’t feel passionately about. If politics is a passion of yours, then political differences could be a major issue. If your date is voting for someone you vehemently oppose, that may change your perception of them for good.

One thing you may want to do is ask for a more details beyond just “Who are you voting for?” The reasons behind their decision will tell you a lot more than just a name. What are the issues they really care about? If their values in these areas don’t line up with yours in any way, it may be time to call it quits. Even if their candidate isn’t elected, there are likely at least a few key issues you want to see eye to eye on with a potential partner.

If, however, this is something that will blow over after the primaries or the general election, it may be worth waiting it out – that is, as long as you can both move on from having your candidate win or lose. Until then, enjoy the camaraderie of some healthy debates and hilarious SNL skits.

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  1. Just because a Jewish guy isn’t going to throw his ballot for Hillary Clinton doesn’t mean you have to “drop” him. He already knows there’s a 90% chance YOU’RE voting for Hillary and he’s giving you a chance.

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