I was sitting, trying to think of a relevant or clever topic after such a new-filled weekend.  First, I thought about the Royal Wedding.  I should be married soon.  After all, Prince William and I are the same age.  Our little brothers are both the same age.  Though Prince Harry and Andy both used to be the goofy younger ones, I doubt my brother, who is in the process of becoming a rabbi in Israel, would ever dress up like a Nazi for Halloween.  He did, though, dress up like Shredder from the Ninja Turtles, which isn’t too much of a departure from National Socialism.

The two news events that happened this past weekend kind of summarize the two opposing sides that the world is on.  On one side (developed) is a large group of people who live in a highly urbanized society.  Starting with the Industrial Revolution, we have slowly gained more wealth, independence, and freedom, until the point where we marvel at a wedding conducted by one of the richest families in the world.  Despite the fact that it seems trite, we need  events such as this to show how much further every individual, no matter how rich, can go.

On the other side of the world (underdeveloped) is another group of people.  These people, and nations, never experienced industrial revolutions and technological innovations.  The people are often not wealthy, independent, or free.

I started writing this post trying to compare and contrast the Royal Wedding with the killing of Osama bin Laden, but as I wrote it, I realized that there is nothing to compare.  I can’t make everything relatable by using big words.  The two things that happened this past weekend were just that.  They were just two things.  One should make you be proud to be British, and the other one should make you proud to be an American.  (You know which one you are).