Just like when a baseball game is postponed due to rain I had a first date cancel the other day because the weather was so terrible in Chicago. This week the Windy City is literally in the midst of one the worst winter storms in decades, and the blizzard-like conditions have precipitated the closing of pretty much every school, office and Starbucks in the city and surrounding suburbs.

This being said, I was still very disappointed that my date was cancelled since I was hoping to break out of my recent first date funk and was going out with someone that I was very excited to meet. As someone who believes that there is a narrow opening to have a first date, once you have begun trying to make plans with someone, I saw my window closing with each flake that fell.

So, I decided to be honest with her and admit my fear that our interaction would dissolve before we ever had the chance to go out on a date. My logic was that after seeing so many windows close on prospective first dates that this approach was worth a short. I texted her my lamentation regarding the possibility of us missing our window due to the weather’s lack of cooperation, and to my surprise she was very reassuring that our window was not in danger of closing.

To further complicate the situation, the remainder of the week I will be out of town for work; however, perhaps due to the fact that I was honest about my concern, we have maintained contact and plan on having a date once I return home. In the end, the date might go well, and it might not; however, if we were to have dismissed each other simply because our first attempt at scheduling a date didn’t work out then we would have unnecessarily robbed ourselves of the opportunity to find out what could develop between us.