Principles for Living a Transformational Life

When one makes a decision to live transformationally, first and foremost, one is making a statement about the nature of the world and of humanity – a statement of deep conviction. One cannot reveal an essence that one is not firmly convinced is there. It also does not matter what one’s particular religion or belief system is (more on that later) – anyone can choose to live transformationally – there is no contradiction.

Someone who is transformational believes (more or less) in the following principles:

1)      Every human being is worthwhile and valuable.

2)      Every human being possesses an essential core of goodness and even greatness (though in some cases this may be deeply hidden).

3)      Every human being deserves respect.

4)      All of humanity is one inter-connected and interdependent network.

5)      We are at all times responsible for the way that we choose to treat one another.

6)      Every human being has the ability to reveal the essential goodness, greatness, interconnectedness and value of humanity. In doing so they reveal the essential nature of humanity and of the world. This is called living transformationally.

7)      Living transformationally is not expressed as a series of theories, it is expressed as a series of actions, every day, in every circumstance, throughout all of one’s life. One’s challenges, imperfections and emotions are no hindrance – one can be fully human and yet live transformationally.

8)      Someone who makes a choice to live transformationally also makes a choice to live with integrity – as one cannot reveal in others what one is not expressing in oneself.

9)      Someone who lives transformationally makes a choice to act (to the best of their ability) in ways that protect, care for and empower other human beings. This applies to one’s own self as well. One cannot extend to others what one is not extending to oneself.

10)   Someone who lives transformationally strives not to act in ways that are unnecessarily cruel to other living beings and to the planet as a whole. As human beings, we are the stewards of a precious gift.

11)   Someone who lives transformationally is choosing to be cause in the world. Being cause is an expression of who we are, not what we control. We act to the best of our ability and then let it go.

12)   Someone who lives transformationally creates others who live transformationally. This will eventually have a ripple effect on the entire planet as a whole.

13)   The above is not meant to be a rigid dogma. It is simply an approximate expression (given the limitations of language and thought) of a belief about the world, the human family and our place in it. As mentioned before, it does not matter what one’s personal belief system is – as long as it gives respect and value to each and every human being and to the planet as a whole.

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