Spring break is in full swing and it’s made bottled blondes and faux tanning as American as apple pie (with a slightly greater health risk than those oh-so-totally-worth-it calories). So as seems to be a recurring theme with my life lately, I am in serious need of an adventure, a change, and clearly a tan before my porcelain skin is replaced with a bronze glow and “pale is the new tan” is no longer making headlines. Lucky for me, JDate has conveniently planned a pseudo-spring break for Memorial Day weekend and I am more than on board! I have recruited my fave wing girl, and we’re both excited to leave Los Angeles behind in favor of a trendier resort locale. So, I am advising that you all consider doing the same as well; Palm Desert and Sin City were clearly so 2008 anyway. Before you pack the SPF and leave Los Scandalous to join Jimmy Buffet’s search for his lost shaker of salt, I advise that you prepare yourself for a UV saturated sea-soaked good time. The countdown is on and I have two months until the BFF and I leave sunny So Cal in the hopes of becoming sun lightened in Cancun. Viva Mexico, margaritas and Monsieur Cuervo.