In my last entry I discussed the reason behind most online rejections.  In many cases, pending that you have worked on your online dating skills and learned how to thoroughly generate interest and attraction, being “rejected” often has nothing to do with you.  It is more due to the competition and overwhelming amount of emails that these women are receiving on a daily basis.

But what happens when the lack of responses mounts and the cold streak builds higher and higher.

At times like these you must do one of two things.

a) Push through the lows.  Even the best of the best have times where they are not at the height of their game.  Call it bad luck, call it the low of averages, but sometimes when it rains it pours and vice versa.

b)  Perhaps more importantly, be self-reflective.  Most guys on the Internet suffer from an inflated sense of confidence in which they never realize they are doing anything wrong.  They insist that everyone else is the cause of their failures and that they are just unlucky, online dating is terrible, and women are just mean.  This is a bunch of non sense, and as a former struggling online dater, I once made similar excuses.  A long dry spell often means that you need to work on flaws in your game and develop your skills with women more.

Never be afraid to learn.  It is what separates those who are great in life from those who settle for mediocrity.  Push through those lows and come out of them on top!