How do you answer JDate’s questions without sounding repetitive or cheesy or fake or boring? Let me help you craft personal and inticing answers to both the basic and intimate questions.

“A Brief History of My Life”

“Brief” is the key word here. There are so many other places throughout JDate’s profile which asks about you, so don’t be repetitive. Here are some examples where you can fill in the blank:

-I grew up in __________ with my parent(s) and ## siblings. Graduated from _________ and now live in ___________ where I love my job as a ________________.

-I moved around a lot growing up, living in _____________ , _______________ and _____________ and although my family is now living in _________________ I decided to move  for college to ________________ and have stayed in __________________ ever since.

-I was raised ___________________ (stream of Judaism) and now am _________________ although I still love celebrating the holidays with the traditions set by my parents. I grew up in ___________________ and moved around in my 20s but moved back and have loved exploring the city again as an adult!

Take those type of examples, where you you grew up, how Jewish you are, type of family you have, where you went to school and how you ended up in your current city. Maybe add how you got into your profession. Easy breezy.

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