How do you answer JDate’s questions without sounding repetitive, cheesy, fake or boring? Let me help you craft personal and enticing answers to both the basic and intimate questions.

 ”On Friday and Saturday Nights I Typically…”
This question is basically asking whether or not you observe Shabbat. Here are possible answers:
-I like go out with friends or cook dinner all together. I love going dancing but don’t do it often enough. During the day I try to do something active.
-I usually light the candles on Friday night before going out to meet up with friends. Saturday is a day to relax and get some fresh air before heading out for a night on the town!
-I always have Shabbat dinner on Friday nights either with my parents or friends and then spend the rest of the weekend going out to the movies, bars, clubs or a street fair.
-I observe Shabbat and enjoy relaxing on the weekends with family and friends without the distractions of technology.
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