Everyone has their quirks. EVERYONE. You are not perfect and neither is anyone else. Still, a good match is what happens when ALL of the following occurs:

1. Some of the quirks disappear because they’re not quirky to you

2. The quirks you do see are endearing

3. The rest of the quirks don’t bother you — or you are willing to ignore them — because everything else is great

What are quirks? These are things like popping your gum, picking your nails/teeth/skin, tapping your foot, leaving your socks in the middle of the floor, chewing your hair, chewing loudly, laughing obnoxiously, cracking your knuckles and so forth. None of these things are annoying unless you don’t like the person doing them.

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  1. Good point, Tamar, but I do think (from personal experience) that some of the quirks disappear after marriage. If something really bothers you (a quirk, not a character trait) but everything else seems great, definitely worth talking about it before committing to anything. Sometimes it’s something that when your potential spouse knows about it, they can change or minimize. Also worth thinking about – WHY does it bother you? What do you subconsciously think it’s saying about the person? That’s he’s childish? Unsophisticated? Uncaring? If you realize why it bothers you, you’ll often have insight into your motivations about picking a partner in general.

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