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If I were lucky enough to meet my soul mate on JDate, Rabbi Ethan Frankel would absolutely be my rabbi of choice to officiate the wedding!

My daughter and I attend a parent/child Hebrew school class at Main Line Reform Synagogue in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Here I’ve had the pleasure to meet Rabbi Ethan Franzel and he’s the most amazing, brilliant, fun, rabbi whom I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has had such an impact on me that I decided to place my daughter in a class that I could participate in as well. I’ve never felt more of a connection to Judaism than I do now. My time with the rabbi has helped me to realize how important it is for my child that I meet a man who is Jewish.

Rabbi Franzel is so involved with the congregation and his students that I truly feel he deserves to be recognized as JDate’s Rabbi of the Month.

Rabbi Ethan Franzel was ordained in 2001 at the New York campus of Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion and estimates he has performed at least ten JDate weddings since his ordainment. In addition to his rabbinic duties at Main Line Reform Temple, he serves on the Central Conference of American Rabbis Committee on Rabbinic Spirituality and has been the Scholar-in-Residence at synagogues around the country, teaching chanting, meditation and Jewish spiritual thought.

“JDate, it’s simply something that is a part of the fabric of the modern Jewish world – for Jews across the generations, which is something I love! JDate Success Stories are inevitably fascinating because they are so varied – everyone has a story about how long they were on JDate, their successes and failures, the sometimes surprising relationship between an online profile and the person in real life, etc.”   – Rabbi Ethan Franzel

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  1. I have read all the comments about you. Besides the fact that you are amazingly adorable…Jewish spritual thought, meditation, chanting…are all an ultimate connection for me. Are you just a candidate or available to experience some jdating yourself? If we could possible be a match…email me!

  2. I would bet that none of those Jdate weddings occurred in Lower Merion Township! There is a serious lack of quality single Jewish guys in that area for the over 40 age bracket.

  3. Rabbi:

    I have been turned down by every guy on JDate! No kidding. Why do Jewish men say they want a Jewish woman, but none seem good enough for them?


  4. I have been off and on J-date for a while now..I am not sure that a lot of men are truly sincere about meeting their soul mate…..I have been accused of being to religious….

  5. Rabbi. It is a business, not a part of the Judaism

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