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Dear JDate,

cont-mt-rachael-paulAfter trying a competitor of yours for a while and not having much luck, my sister convinced me to sign up for JDate. I had been on JDate for a couple of months and was meeting people, most of whom I didn’t feel a strong connection to.

Paul was also experienced with other online personals sites and had only just re-activated his profile on JDate after some time off to recover from a year-long relationship. He had done a preliminary search, adding a number of profiles to his “Hot List” — mine was one of them.

Because he hadn’t turned off the feature, I could see that he had added me to his Hot List, so I checked out his profile. I liked what I saw, so I decided to email him to say that I saw that he had added me to his Hot List, and I asked if he wanted to actually talk. We emailed a couple of times, then exchanged numbers and talked on the phone.

We had a really good phone talk, which led to a date and even more great conversation. I knew at the end of the date that I definitely wanted to see Paul again, and he went home and emailed me right away to say what a good time he had and to make plans to get together again. And that was the beginning of our story.

Thanks so much for helping us find one another!

Tips for other JDaters:
If Paul had turned off the feature that allows other members to see who’s looked at their profile and added them to their list, I don’t think I ever would have found him! That feature was the reason we met and the reason we’re engaged.

Rachael & Paul
Alexandria, Virginia


An Update From Rachael & Paul
March 2012

Paul and I have had lots of amazing adventures since finding each other through JDate and getting married in the fall of 2007. We took an awesome two-month honeymoon through Southeast Asia and New Zealand in the winter of 2008, we had our first son (Jules) in the spring of 2009, Paul embarked upon a PhD program in the fall of 2010, we moved to a new house in the winter of 2010, and we had our second son (Elliott) in the fall of 2011.

Our boys are a ton of fun! Jules is inquisitive, bright, and playful. Elliott is a happy baby with a great, big smile. They make our lives so full and give us great joy.

We supported each other through some tough times as well; my stepfather passed away in the summer of 2008 and we suffered a miscarriage in the fall of 2010. I couldn’t have gotten through those times without Paul’s help and I know he feels the same way.

I am so grateful to JDate for bringing Paul into my life and introducing me to the father of my children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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