Andrew and Rachel first met on January 30, 2010 at Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar. What led up to that night stems from an email Rachel sent to Andrew via JDate. Yes, you read correctly, Rachel asked Andrew out. Maybe that should be in all caps because Andrew LOVES to ensure everyone knows that RACHEL ASKED ANDREW OUT.

Andrew’s JDate subscription was about to expire when he received an email from Rachel. After viewing her stunning profile, he decided to extend his membership by a month to “see where this might go.” A few emails and phone calls later, they met at Lee & Rick’s (at Rachel’s suggestion). The night of oysters led to a game of pool where Andrew quickly realized Rachel had no skills. So, Andrew established the Princess Rules, meaning Rachel could put the ball anywhere on the table and retry her shots as many times as necessary to sink a ball.

A second date took place at Fuji Sushi, where Andrew’s car broke down and Rachel had to drive him home…which he assured was not a ploy to “get her to his house.” After that was lunch and the Farmers Market when Rachel tripped (not unusual) and accidently grabbed Andrew’s rear end as she stumbled. That led to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. This dinner quickly opened up the door to “bathroom humor” because the customer at the table next to them was having some loud stomach issues. Soon after was bowling where Rachel kicked Andrew’s butt (the one and only time ever). These dates continued and continued each in a typical “clumsy/embarrassing Rachel & Andrew fashion,” including their date in April (two short months into dating) when the hostess at Primo informed “Mrs. Barson” that her table was ready. Little did she know that would one day be true.

Because I (Andrew) was the one that popped the question, and because Rachel wrote everything up to this point, it is now my turn to explain how it all went down. The engagement began with a detailed master plan about two months prior to the actual day I popped the question! I had a friend engage in “Operation White Rhino.” The target objective was to obtain Rachel’s ring size. It only took a day because my operative, Jen Hughes, was skilled in deception and a master of disguise.

Next I initiated “Operation Cheese Steak” which took quite a bit of strategy while Rachel and I were in Philly. Mom ran interference, whilst code name Smooth Kat (my dad) and I went shopping for rings in Manayunk, Philadelphia. During this time Rachel and my Mom went shopping for doggie supplies for my new little brother, “Remy.” Lying to Rachel is not something I do well, but “Operation Cheese Steak” was a success, mission accomplished, the ring was purchased!

My original engagement plan was a romantic evening for the two of us. However, the ring arrived early at my office on Tuesday, March 17th and I knew the original plan was out the window. There was a snowballs chance in hell that I could hold onto the ring for two weeks without Rachel suspecting something was amiss! The very next day I filled the trunk of my car with flowers. When she arrived, Rachel was tired from a long day of landscaping during a service day at work. I believe her exact words were, “I am tired, hungry, grumpy and I just want to eat and go to bed.” This could not have turned out any better for me…she was clueless!

I told her I had a surprise for her in the trunk of my car. When she opened the trunk, her initial reaction was, “Why did you buy so many flowers, it’s a waste of money, one bunch is more than enough!” When she turned around to question me, I had the ring and then she asked, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I dropped to one knee and replied, “I am asking you to marry me.” That’s how it all went down.

Our advice is to be open to JDate. Aggressively email those that you are interested in and if they don’t email you back, it’s their loss!

Rachel and Andrew
Orlando, Florida

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  1. You guys sound like a wonderful couple. I hope to find what you have.

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