“Salsalover” is an atypical JDate name. It did its job and caught the attention of a dance-loving Israeli who went by the name of “Shachom37.” Salsalover was relieved to be contacted by an Israeli who seemed to write perfect English and knew she was referring to salsa dancing, not salsa and chips.

Salsalover, Rachel, responded to Shachom37, Ravid, excitedly! His pictures were adorable, his profile was interesting and his English was fantastic!

Both of their JDate accounts were running out, so they quickly exchanged personal email addresses. Ravid wrote another email to Rachel. This email he had clearly written by himself and it looked like it had been written by “a 5-year old.”

Rachel is a teacher, and thought learning English was commendable of Ravid, but had no interest in teaching someone English after a long day at school. She did not display her best manners when she ignored the email. 

Thankfully, Ravid is very persistent (the emails continued on and off for two months) and Rachel grudgingly told him he could meet her at her favorite salsa club one Friday night. Ravid’s response was noncommittal when he said “maybe” he would join her.

Rachel got to the club early and was dancing with a friend when Ravid entered the club in a black shirt and jeans. Continuing her pattern of bad behavior, Rachel continued to dance with her friend. Ravid, the perfect model of good manners, got Rachel water and waited patiently.

Rachel finally approached Ravid and was welcomed with his beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. Turns out, this Israeli’s English is excellent! It matches his sense of humor, love of life and sense of rhythm. 

We have been inseparable since that first date on February 5, 2010. We got engaged at an Israeli dancing event on June 23, 2010. We were recently married on a perfect June day. We are so thankful to have found each other. Rachel is so thankful that Ravid never gives up!

We have seamlessly merged our lives and are working hard to create a home filled with our cultures, Jewish traditions, love, honesty and laughter.

We just returned from our honeymoon in Greece and decided it was time to proclaim our “success!” 

Thanks JDate!

Rachel and Ravid
Brooklyn, New York

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  1. After stereotyping Israeli men for years, I gave in and accepted a date from one. Over a year later, we are happpily in love and plan to spend the rest of our lives together. What I love about him is exactly what you stated, his sense of humor and love of life. They do bring special, unexpected qualities, even if they do write like 5 year olds!!!!(mine can’t dance but he has so much fun trying!)

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