Dear JDate,

cont-mt-randi-jonathanRandi and I found each other’s profiles on JDate in early September 2004. We instant messaged all day while she and I were pretending to be hard at work at our respective offices. We were trying to find a night when we could meet for a drink (I was a firm believer in first dates being just drinks, as was she), and at the last minute, September 8th opened up for Randi. I had been invited to go to a book signing party by a friend who is a literary agent. The party was at Bar 13 on 13th and University, and I invited Randi to meet me there for a drink. I had been a JDater on and off for about three years by then and was actively searching for “the one.”

Before the book party, I had another JDate that was planned before Randi became available. I “doubled” up and met the first girl at about 6:30. There was no connection, and I quickly made my exit after one coffee at Cosi. I walked over to Bar 13, hopeful that Randi and I would have the connection that I had been looking for such a long time.

I was first to arrive at Bar 13 and about 15 minutes later, Randi entered the room. I was very happy to see her. She looked just like her picture (many times a rarity), and she seemed to think the same about me. After having a couple drinks at the bar, we listened to the reading of a chapter from the author’s book, “The Reluctant Metrosexual.”

It was approaching 9:00 pm and neither of us had eaten, and we were both hungry. I asked Randi if she would like to get dinner, and she said she would love to. We walked over to L’Express and had a very nice candlelit dinner and talked without a single lull in conversation. After dinner, I walked her home, and I asked her out for Friday night, which was two nights later. We kissed goodnight and from then on spoke every day and saw each other regularly. Soon we made the commitment to each other to be exclusive and moved in together in December of 2005.

On February 14th of 2006, I proposed to Randi at The Four Seasons Restaurant. Sitting at a table right next to the pool, I got up from my seat and got down on one knee and proposed with a beautiful engagement ring. Randi immediately said yes, and we were both ecstatic. We were married December 2, 2006 and are happy to start our lives together.

I want to thank JDate for helping Randi and I find each other. A toast was definitely made to JDate at our wedding.

Randi & Jon
New York, New York

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