7 Telltale Signs That She’s Into You: How To Read A Sassy Jewess


By Laura Lifshitz

You’ve got the hots for a sassy Jewess, but you’re not so sure if she’s hot to trot for you. The great thing about sassy women (being one of them, I can attest to this) is we are upfront and can’t bother to play any games. So if you’re completely clueless and not sure of where you stand with this tart-yet-sweet Jewish woman, look for these signals. Whether you get the answer you’re looking for I can’t say, but you’ll get an answer nonetheless (subtlety is not our forte).

1. She’s Verbose

Does she speak to you excessively? Does she tease you or sarcastically banter with you? Is language one of her ways she uses to play around with you? If she’s getting herself in a lip-moving frenzy, it’s a certain sign she likes you. Quite frankly, her lips (and words) are doing the talking. Do you want her to stay interested? Keep up the banter and wordsmithing. She likes a challenge – even a slight argument.

2. She Shares Her Accomplishments

Does she show you her accomplishments whether it’s literally showing off an award or telling you about her best moments? Is she sharing her work and goals and life vision with you? A sassy Jewess has a lot to achieve still and a lot she has achieved; she won’t quietly go into that good night without sharing the things that are important to her when she likes someone. In fact, she shares these goals and accomplishments with someone she likes because she wants to see that her partner will not only support and appreciate her, but also have his own goals and life vision to share. She wants a strong partner – not one stuck in the corner, wallflowering away.

3. She Calls You Out

If she likes you and cares, she will call you out when you’ve done something right – and when you have done something wrong. It can be hard to hear your newest love interest tell you, “Man, you’ve messed up.” But she respects and likes you enough to tell you because she wants the best for you.

4. You’ve Seen Her Softer Side

A sasspot is often strong-willed and outgoing. It’s rare to see your favorite Jewish lady sporting a frown or being vulnerable in the public, but if she’s shown you a softer side, whether it’s a sensitive one or a serious one, she likes you. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t show her true self.

5. You’re In Her Calendar

Even if she’s busy or trying to take it slow, she makes a point to touch base with you and set plans. You get the sense that you’re a social priority of hers and that it matters to her that she’s in contact with you. She’s not playing any mind games, either; she makes herself available and expects you to do the same.

6. She Touches You

She makes a point of touching you – your hand, knee, face, etc. Whatever the body part, she is using her hands to make a connection. And no, I’m not being dirty, but …

7. She’s Been Cheeky

If she’s been slightly fresh and cheeky with you, she’s probably thinking that well, you’re pretty damn hot, too.

If these signals are coming in pretty strongly, this Jewess is probably into you. It’s time to make a move!