You went out a few times and then suddenly … he stops answering your texts.

You are heatedly messaging a few times, make plans for a date and then BAM – he never gets back to you.

You have an amazing first date and you’re so sure that a second date is on the way and then … you never hear from him again.

What the heck?

This type of behavior, otherwise known as “ghosting,” is frustrating and hurtful.

Define Ghosting

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s time you got yourself aquainted.

  • Ghosting (v): purposefully avoiding and ignoring someone you previously were communicating with; abruptly cutting off communication with a potential romantic partner without explanation.

It’s a maddening dating behavior single men and women deal with on a regular basis (yes, it happens to guys, too). People are left to wonder what happened and why someone who appeared so interested or emotionally invested would disappear into thin air without a trace. While I can’t guarantee you a definite answer because each situation is so unique, here are some solid reasons that dude ghosted you.

1. He Picked Someone Else

He may have been messaging and dating many women. This is the reality of dating in the new millennium. There are many sites to meet new people, as well as many ways to reconnect with former flames via social media. He may have just started to really take off with another person he was dating. It has no reflection on you; he just may have clicked very much with this person, even though he did enjoy your company.

The reality is that telling you this wouldn’t make the situation any different. Instead, he just backed out quietly and quickly. It probably would have been better to just tell you, but he didn’t want to hurt your feelings so he took the easy way out.

2. He Got Back With His Wife

He says he’s divorced. Is he? He may have just been separated and now, he’s had second thoughts about leaving his wife. Telling you this is mortifying and uncomfortable for him. Honestly, if this is the reason he ghosted you, be glad he did. Getting involved with him any further would have been heartbreaking.

3. He Wanted To Have Sex & You Didn’t

He didn’t tell you he met you with the goal of simply “getting some,” but that was his end goal, and it wasn’t achieved. If he were to actually tell you that, you would call him a loser and a jerk. He doesn’t care and he doesn’t want to hear it.

Again, good riddance.

4. He’s Not Ready To Date

Maybe he just broke up with someone. Maybe his divorce was just finalized. Maybe he hasn’t been on a date in a while. He may have ghosted you because he went out in the dating pool and realized he’s not really ready. He’s backing out because he’s realizing he’s in over his head.

5. He’s Not Ready For Commitment

He really likes you, but you’re ready to dive in and be committed and he’s well, he’s either just looking to date or looking to have fun. Rather than have that uncomfortable conversation, he’s ducking out without a trace.

6. He’s Shady

He’s got another woman – wife, girlfriend, fiancée or what have you. This guy can’t keep up with his “extracurricular” activities while trying to have his cake and eat it, too. Or, he got caught finally (that bastard) and now has to cut off his “habits.” In this case, thank goodness he ghosted.

7. He Heard Something He Didn’t Like

It may have been something innocent you said or did that triggered a “no” response. So now, he’s going to be a big baby and back out without giving you a reason.

Don’t feel like you’re to blame. Unless you were blatantly rude, mean or crazy, the two of you probably aren’t compatible anyway. Trust me, you want a guy who can communicate in a mature way, not someone who will vanish without a trace the moment things get messy.

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