“Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ … each other … “

(Thanks Journey and Steve Perry for that intro.)

Fall is the perfect snuggle season. Winter is too, of course, because what else can you do when it’s super freezing out? However, I think fall is even better for cuddling with your sweetheart. Fall isn’t as cold, so you can take your snuggling inside and outside … without getting hypothermia or sweating to death. It’s also the perfect time to fall into step with a new partner before the holidays get everyone busy and people have less free time to date.

Ready to get cozy? Here are five reasons to snuggle close with a new partner this fall.

1. Find A Special Someone For Big Events

When the holidays hit, romance and nostalgia hits on the hearts of even the coolest of cucumbers. So, if you find someone that catches your eye now in beautiful fall, you’ll have someone to ring the New Year in with. After all, we all want that passionate and heartfelt kiss just in time for the ball to drop.

2. Mingling Is Part Of Fall’s Nature

Just like leaves mix together in a pile of gorgeous reds, yellows, browns, ambers and oranges, fall is the perfect time to mingle.

Apple picking. Pumpkin picking. Fire pits. Wineries. Hiking. Outdoor running and marathons. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Fall foliage tours. Football games. College homecomings.  Street fairs. Camping … the list goes on and on.

There are just so many places to mingle with other people that the possibilities of meeting someone are high, making fall a great dating season.

3. Make A Fresh Start With Fresh Roots

Perhaps you were vacationing or out of town a lot over the summer. Or perhaps in your dating adventures, the boys or girls of summer were touring your area or simply looking to hang out for fun.

Fall is the start of back to work, fewer vacations and getting stuff done in time to end “Q4” on a good note.

Timing wise, it’s the perfect place to start dating someone, whether seriously or casually.

4. Someone New Is Exciting

There’s nothing more exciting than a new love (or potential love). There’s nothing more thrilling than those first few months or first year of all you’ll do with and to each other! Don’t hold back. Go out there and go fish; there are plenty of people waiting to date, and one of them will be right. Just give it a chance.

5. Take Quiet Time To Touch

When you’ve got that new partner, take that time to snuggle, cuddle and touch lazily. Don’t leave the house. Camp out a little longer. Monopolize the backyard porch swing. Park yourselves on the couch. Whatever it is, enjoy the intimacy that cuddling brings.

While every season is ripe for love for a variety of reasons, fall is just pretty special. With the crisp air and the festive fall holidays coming ‘round, how could you not want someone to spend time with?

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