Heartbreak can make us lose faith in everything … the world, other people, our lives. It can feel as if you’re dying when you’ve got a broken heart. It may sound silly, but it doesn’t feel silly!

I’ve listened as people told me they’d never love again, never believe in love again, never want to be close to anyone again. Then, somewhere down the line, I’ve watched as they fall in love … again.

I never believe anyone who claims to be “done with love for good.” In fact, if someone is capable of cutting off love for good, then that’s a truly sad thing. No one wants to be left or hurt, but to remove all possibilities of moving forward in one’s life after heartache is a major loss.

It might feel like you can’t get back up again after being knocked down by heartache, but you’ll inevitably be pulled back by things we all crave about true love.

1. Love Feels So Good That It’s Like Nothing Can Touch You

We crave that amazing high. Love makes you feel as if nothing could hurt you. Like if a rock dropped on your little toe, no big deal. If you lost your job … whatever. Love makes you feel so good that the more painful episodes in life are easier to bear when you’ve got someone wonderful around.

2. Discovering Someone Else Makes You Feel Like A Kid Again

You forget about the pain someone else brought you and your achy breaky heart when you meet someone else that gives you that excited twinge!

There’s nothing more exciting than the beginning stages of a relationship in which you learn about each other. You learn their likes and dislikes, childhood memories, hopes, dreams and even their little quirks.

Discovering someone and learning more and more about them until you’re so deeply in love that it feels like a gift to be with this person … it’s simply amazing.

3. The Comfort That Comes From True Love Is Powerful

When someone loves you and knows you like no one else, there is a great comfort in being able to just be yourself. The feeling of knowing that there is someone who truly has your back is absolutely priceless.

When you think about the risks of falling in love again, this is one reward that makes the risks so worth it. As a happy single person, I can tell you that one of the things I look forward to is finding someone who truly has my back, is truly here for me and knows me and accepts me, 100 percent.

4. True Love Can Be Totally Unexpected

One of the things that makes true love so magical is that it’s unexpected.

You plan for a career. You plan to buy a home. You plan to lose weight or to tackle a goal.

But love cannot be planned or strategically measured and sought out. Love happens when it happens and it doesn’t come with a prologue or a letter that states its arrival. There is no notice or pending approval.

The magical way in which love happens whenever it’s supposed to is what makes us crave it and seek it even after our hearts have been broken.

5. The Idea That Someone Better Exists Is Exciting

When you are healing from a bad breakup or divorce, your friends and family will tell you that this person wasn’t the one. They’ll tell you that someone better exists out there, that some random human being that you haven’t even laid your eyes on yet is your future partner, your future love.

As much as heartache stings, the idea that there is someone out there looking for someone just like you … it’s magical.

True love is powerful. It exists across genders, classes, religions, races, cities, countries and more. Don’t let the sting of heartache cause you to doubt that you will ever be happily partnered. You will! Just believe, and don’t stop craving that incredible feeling of true love.

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  1. I am divorced by 4+years and am lonely and need another woman ?

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