While teaching English in Korea and finishing an MA on Korean education methodologies, I was having a hard time finding a nice Jewish man to date in Korea (who would have thought?). I went on JDate after trying it years ago without much luck. I completely changed my profile and was much clearer this time around about what I was looking for in a life partner.

success-rebecca-eric-tmb2Eric’s beautiful blue eyes caught my attention and I noticed his profile said he tries to work out and that he cares about his health. I messaged him (after asking myself: what have you got to lose?). We messaged back a forth for a few months until I was back in America. A week after I came back we decided to meet in Manayunk at Starbucks. I was really nervous (so nervous I bowed to him, a traditional Korean greeting). We went for a walk near the water and talked. Talking with him was so easy. We decided to go for food, and then he waited with me for my train. I was touched by his sweet gesture.

I didn’t want to seem too eager, but I did want to see him again, so I think I called or texted – or maybe he did – and I tried to wait impatiently for him to do so. Eric actually cancelled our second date because he had to work, but I thought he was uninterested. I wasn’t worried though because I knew G-d was going to send me a nice Jewish man. My sister and I used to pray together for loving and compatible life partners. Little did we know – we had already met them! Eric and I rescheduled our date and later enjoyed a trip to the science museum together. By then, I was also sending my sister off nervously for her first date with a man from JDate (you can read their story here), and I was worried because I didn’t hear from her for hours (she was having too much fun!). My sister actually met Eric and I on our third date at a chocolate cafe and told me briefly about her wonderful first date with Dan (her now fiancé).

Eric and I continued to go for walks, explore the city, meet for dinners, and saw more and more of each other. We decided not to date anyone else. Eric and I both knew that we wanted a family and that we had been ready for some time.

Eric asked me to marry him in Alaska while we were looking for the aurora borealis late one night. He asked me in Hebrew, but I am not proficient enough yet, so I didn’t know what he was asking me. When he asked me in English, I said yes! We were married in March 2014 in a small ceremony (exactly what we both wanted).

Rebecca & Eric-JDate-4It was not an easy feat finding Eric, but I am so glad I didn’t settle – and that I didn’t give up hope that what I want in a life partner exists. He really does exist and he is a wonderful and supportive life partner and abba to our newborn daughter. Now I get to go to my sister’s wedding in a couple weeks. We have both had an amazing couple of years and much nachas has been bestowed upon our family. I am saving all the newborn baby clothes for Jo and Dan!

Rebecca and Eric
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

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