Dear JDate,

cont-mt-rebecca-rogerHi JerseyGirl,
I liked the sincerity of your profile and thought I would say hello. Please write back if you’d like! Regards,

Who would have thought that true romance and love could have been ignited with these simple words. I was certainly taken by surprise. On November 17, 2000, Roger sent me this short email. The brief email resembled one of those “mass distribution” emails that I had seen in the past. Nevertheless, I decided to check out his profile. One read-through of his profile and I was hooked! To this day, I can’t articulate what it was that so strongly captured my attention. However, I had a strong “gut” feeling that this guy was special. Boy, was I was right!

Roger and I immediately began exchanging email messages. His email messages were thoughtful, creative, entertaining and piqued my interest even more. After a few email messages, I couldn’t wait to talk to this man on the phone and hear his voice. Over the next 11 days, we spent (no joke) over 35 hours on the phone. Each night, we would call one another, share a glass or two of wine over the phone, and discuss every topic imaginable! We learned more about each other in 11 days than many couples learn about each other over the course of months. It was hard to believe that we hadn’t met face-to-face yet.

Finally, on November 29th, we had our first date. We were both nervous and anxious about our first face-to-face meeting. Thankfully, our nerves quickly dissipated once we met at the restaurant. I arrived home later that night to find a message from Roger already waiting for me. It appeared as though he had as much fun as I did that night. Our first date was followed by many nights of great conversation, wonderful cuisine, lots of laughter and good music. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we were both hooked!

On October 15, 2001, while on a trip to Portugal, Roger proposed. Prior to leaving for Portugal, Roger had planned a special dinner for the two of us at a beautiful manor house in Northern Portugal. He was going to propose during a special dinner served just to the two of us. During our drive to the manor house I became ill and almost ended up at the hospital. Little did I know that I was throwing a big wrench into some very complicated plans! Thankfully, after the chaos settled that night, Roger decided to go through with his plans. He presented me with a beautiful card he had made. After reading the card, I had tears in my eyes. I didn’t realize that his beautiful words were just part of the surprise. He then got down on one knee, and…well you can guess the rest. Instead of proposing over the romantic Portuguese feast he had coordinated, he proposed over tea and toast! To me, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Roger and I were married on October 19, 2002 in Baltimore, MD (my home town), surrounded by family and friends. It was a beautiful and emotional evening we will always remember. It’s hard to believe that our paths would not have crossed if it weren’t for JDate. We can’t imagine our lives without one another.

Rebecca & Roger
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

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