Reena and Todd

Dear JDate,
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me and my wife, Reena.

We met in May 2008, got engaged in December 2008 and were married on May 25, 2009. We live in Leawood, Kansas and our lives have never been happier. Like many Success Stories, how we met is rather funny.

I’m originally from the suburbs of Chicago and my wife is from Montreal, Canada. She had been living in Kansas for nine years and I had been here for six months.


When I sent an email to Reena on JDate, she replied that we actually had met two months earlier at a Jewish singles party. Ironically, we were both in bad moods at the party and were not really up to meeting anyone. We had mutual friends at the party, the husband and wife who were hosting the event. I spoke to the husband and Reena spoke to the wife, but we never spoke to each other. Both of our friends wanted to introduce us, but we would have none of it.

Two months later, we had plenty of it and have never been happier.

I found my Jewish wife who is beautiful both inside and out and we are raising a wonderful Jewish family.

Thank you for all you do,

Todd and Reena
Leawood, Kansas

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  1. That is fantastic. I wish I could meet a great man. Never happens. They always seem to be out of state, many of which I have traveled to meet, or bad apples from my state. Is anyone open to a gal that is beautiful inside, as well as out w/ kids? Why are all of the men sooooo selfish????

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple. If it can happen to others, perhaps it can happen to all of us who hope to find happiness.

  3. Why were they in such bad moods at their friends’ party? How nice of this couple to personally put on a party where their single friends could meet. So, that this couple got introduced to each other but were in bad moods so nothing came of it, I find strange. Or perhaps, is that the reason why all these potential couples are not hitting it off right away? They’re all meeting each other at events, but aren’t in the mood to go forward, so they just go home saying “I was in a bad mood”???

    At least this couple recovered from their gaffe. Sad to think how many others didn’t or won’t.

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