Dear JDate,

cont-mt-regina-marshallMy husband Marshall and I met one year ago in New York, but we connected through JDate six months prior. When I traveled to New York on June 22 2005, I was still living in Brazil.

In January of 2005, Marshall sent me a very sweet IM, and when I read his profile, I felt immediately attracted to him.

During the following months, we connected online and by phone. We chatted and talked a lot, exchanging ideas, life experiences and getting to know each other one step at a time. He sent me one of the most wonderful poems I had ever read, that he had written himself.

When I arrived in New York, he picked me up at the airport, and when we met personally, we were sure that we felt love for each other and we had found our soul mate.

Since then, we have been living together, sharing the good and bad moments and loving and taking care of each other as real love partners.

We got married at the City Hall in New York.

Tips for other JDaters:

Dreams come true because love can join hearts and overcome distance, even overseas.

Regina & Marshall
New York, New York

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